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Professional Affiliation, Industry Certification, Continuing Education, and Business Support for the Interior Decorating and Design Trade






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Membership for Professionals
in the Interior Decorating and Design Trade


The Decorators Alliance of North America (DANA) provides Decorators, Designers, and related professionals with meaningful industry and professional affiliation, state of the art, interactive design and business education, and highly regarded professional certification. Through DANA,  members stay connected to industry trends and forecasts, news and legislation, events and educational opportunities, and people and products that affect our careers. DANA offers benefits that help decorators, designers, and design-related business owners grow both personally and professionally.

DANA membership is open to: Interior Decorators, Interior Designers, Color Consultants, Window Treatment Professionals, Aging in Place Professionals, Professional Organizers, Stagers, Redesigners, Decorative Painters, Decorating and Furniture Sales Consultants, Custom Bedding Professionals, Home Fashion Designers, and other industry niche professionals.

Our one major goal is to make it easier for you to be successful in your business. We are committed to coaching and mentoring you to success at every stage of your business.

Through DANA,  members continually have the best tools needed to serve clients, and a surefire way to keep up with industry changes, without the effort they would have to make on their own. DANA keeps members informed, educated, equipped, and connected with ease.



Membership in DANA provides decorators with a wealth of resources and a connection to a larger body of professionals. FREE monthly tele-classes put you way ahead in both personal and professional development, and free monthly content for your own newsletter and blog are just two of the many DANA benefits that will help you make more money in your business while having more free time. Your DANA membership is rich with benefits you can really use to gain solid clients and improve your business.

As a member of DANA, you get:

Professional affiliation that you can be proud of

The opportunity to become a Certified Professional Decorator (CPD)

FREE quarterly  continuing education courses

FREE business or success coaching when you need it

Classes created at YOUR request

FREE monthly ready-made content for your personal newsletter or blog

Listing in DANA’s "FIND A DECORATOR" online member directory

Discounts on products & programs from the industry’s leading business gurus & vendors

Access to the DANA E-Library, with big discounts on digital products & business tools

Opportunity to be featured in the DANA  DECORATOR SPOTLIGHT at your request!

More info on all of these exceptional DANA member benefits


In addition to the exceptional education offered to all Decorators' Alliance of North America (DANA) members as part of membership, we strongly encourage DANA members to acquire industry education from a DANA approved program before joining DANA, although it is not necessary. We also encourage these program participants to improve their professional status by taking and passing the DANA Certified Professional Decorator Exam after joining DANA, in addition to their previous certifications. All DANA members are eligible for the DANA Certified Professional Decorator Program although it is not a requirement for membership. The DANA Certified Professional Decorator Certification is a well-rounded examination of the many knowledge bases a qualified decorating professional should hold. Our DANA study manuals ensure that regardless of your previous training, you will be equipped to stand for examination for the DANA CPD designation.

DANA approves of the following curriculum for industry education:

  • Northern Essex Community College

  • The DeGangi School of Interior Decoration Certification Programs

  • Sheffield School of Interior Design

  • Accredited 2 or 4 Year College or University Design Programs

  • Certified Interior Environment Coach© Program

  • Dewey Color Certification (DCC)

  • Georgia Perimeter College

  • Various Staging Certifications

  • Various Redesign Certifications

  • Various Professional Organizing Certifications

  • Exciting Windows! PWCS Program

  • Window Fashions Certified Professional

  • CHF School

  • WCAA Certified Window Treatment Consultant

  • WCAA Certified Workroom Professional

DANA's Certified Professional Decorator program

enhances expert status and credibility, while generating client confidence


Get Certified
Become a

DANA Certified Professional Decorator


All DANA members are eligible for the

DANA Certified Professional Decorator program

although it is not a requirement for membership.




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"I appreciate all that I have received from DANA and look forward to what is ahead"

                                                                                             ~ Diane McMillan




Accelerate your growth and profit-making potential through your DANA membership.

The Decorators' Alliance of North America welcomes seasoned decorating professionals as well as those  brand new to the field.



Monthly Membership - $23.00 Billed Monthly



Annual Membership - 12-Month Membership for $184.00

(a $276 value-like getting 4 months FREE!)



Annual Membership Plus Certification Exam - Register for your CPD exam while joining, and save even more-only $459.  (a $509 value if purchased separately with a yearly membership, and a $601 value if purchased separately with a monthly membership!)  


Download study manuals immediately. Take up to 1 year for examination which is completed online.

More info on certification.

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